The Loave family is a prominent family and fan made fictional family in The Sims series in The Sims 2, 3 and 4 specially made by RomerJon17 and formally Ansett4Sims. The members are a busy working family, consisting of John, Terry, Jake, Jane and Zofia.

They are mainly shown on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and

The Loave family is the longest sim family which never age up in a floating timeline.

Ansett Animation re-created The Loave Family in Blender 3D with age proportion on Jake and Jane as teens and Zoe as a child. When The Sims 4 end producing and The Sims 5 reveals, Ansett Animation continue on animating with Blender 3D.



The Loave Family introduced in The Sims 2 specially made by RomerJon17 in May 22nd 2009. First was a single dad John Loave, one daughter Jane Loave and a dog golden retriever Toby and they lived in Pleasantview. RomerJon17 randomly called their last name Loave in his own mind and made himself an active household family in The Sims 2. The name of Loave is a fish and bread but they weren't born in a bread maker or in the sea. RomerJon17 pronounced Loave as "Lo-aaa-ve" as a loving family but it's pronounced as "Loaf" as a bread, corrected from his sister. RomerJon17 was embarrassed about the last name and he can't change the name because the family has been created. They lasted for couple for months until the family got expanded with new members Terry Loave and Jake Loave. The have moved three different houses by creators in ModTheSims.Info.

Few years later, The Loave Family in The Sims 2 vanished due to saved file corruption, so RomerJon17 moved onto The Sims 3 and remade The Loave Family identical as in The Sims 2. In The Sims 3, The Loave Family moved to Sunset Valley and lived in a starters house built by RomerJon17. Three weeks later, they moved to a permanent modern house inspired by modern architecture designer in USA and built by RomerJon17.

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The Loave family in The Sims 3.

When The Sims 3 Island Paradise released in June 2013, The Loave Family moved their modern house to a new town Isla Paradiso. Terry and John have a new third child and named her Zoe Loave in 2014. She was a toddler for couple of months with The Loave family in The Sims 3 until Ansett4Sims takes over RomerJon17 and moved The Loave Family to a new generation is The Sims 4. Ansett4Sims can't stay with The Sims 3 for long because there are major difficulties in The Sims 3 like CTD (Crash To Desktop) and heavy use of custom content.
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Zofia as a toddler in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 released in 2017.

Sadly The Loave Family could not have Zoe as a toddler in The Loave Family because The Sims 4 abandoned the toddlers (released in 2017). Few months later, Zofia appeared in The Sims 4 as an alien and she is related to her mother Terry and her father John. She is not a toddler but raised as a child. Zofia Loave was a temporary alien and she is casted in The Sims 4 Machinima - Savage Garden - To The Moon & Back as an alien disguise. She is now transformed as a human being permanently because she was thinking about human food all along. Ansett4Sims named Zofia as a mistake in The Sims 4 but the name Zoe is a nick name for Zofia Loave.  
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Zofia as an alien in The Sims 4 Machinima - Savage Garden - To The Moon & Back

​​​​Aging of The Loave Family

The Loave Family will never age up especially Jake, Jane and Zofia as teens. The aging of characters in The Loave family has been subject of common fan debate and they are trapped at the age of their first appearance in a floating timeline. The children remain in the same grades at elementary school. However, John, Terry, Jake, Jane and Zofia have all had involving their birthdays in The Sims 3 Loave Family story via [Loave Family Blog].  In January 2017, toddlers got released in The Sims 4. Ansett4Sims decided not to reverse Zofia's age to Toddler so she stay as a child like Jake and Jane. But Ansett4Sims reversed the siblings child age to toddlers for making family photographs. Jane, Jake and Zoe were youths for a very long time since when they were made in The Sims 4. They have transformed into pre-teen as unofficial started in June 2016.


Toddler at the left, youth at the middle & pre-teen at the right.

​​​​Blender 3D

Ansett Animation started using Blender 3D in 2018 rendering Sims 4 characters like The Loave Family. Ansett Animations sculpted The Loave Family in Blender 3D and made little bit identical in The Sims 4. Until in September 2019, Ansett Animation found a SimRipper Tool which allow to rip character's files in The Sims 4 and save time from sculpting. Ansett Animation made Jane as a teenager at age 14 in proper proportion and same as for Jake but more older than his sister. Zoe was a pre-teen in The Sims 4 but Ansett Animation rewind her age from 13 to 10 as a child because Zoe was born before Jane in The Sims 3. The ripper tool made Zoe's facial appearance different in Blender 3D unlike in The Sims 4 months ago until Sims 4 Ripper updated the version and made Zoe's facial appearance identical as in The Sims 4, especially the entire family. The Loave Family in Blender 3D are purposely use for making films and family photographs.

The Sims 4 & Blender3d

The Sims 4 screenshot on the left and Blender3d render on the right.


J 04

John Franklyn Loave

John is a caregiver, a big happy family who is very creative and domestic. He studied at Newbie University and became a firefighter. He laid off his job when he moved town to town. He finally stopped Oasis Springs to study as a chef and he finally got a job to work as a high top chef. He likes to dance, sing on the karaoke, make cocktails and go outdoors.

Terry L

Terry Rosana Loave

Terry is super friend, a friend of the world who is art lover, cheerful, family oriented and gregarious. She studied at Maxis University as a bachelor of nursing, and she works at The Royal Maxis Hospital looking after the patients. She is married with her handsome husband with her lovely three kids. She likes to dance, bond with her family and sleeps a lot.

J 03-0

Jake Joseph Loave

Jake is an active imagination artistic prodigy who has good manners, very responsible and pretty low empathy. He is a silly goof ball just like her older sister Jane, speedy cleaner and pretty picky eater. He is the oldest brother in the family and he was born in The Sims 2 as a child. He is passionate on playing the piano and loves to create music in his mind.

J 02-0

Jane Rose Loave

Jane is a social butterfly who has little good manners, very responsible, little conflict resolution, pretty low emotional and empathy. She is silly goofball, always shameless and speedy cleaner. She was born in The Sims 2 as a child. She likes to bond with her family, loves to dance and play her violin.

J 01-0

Zofia Elisabeth Loave

Zofia is a precocious whiz kid who has good manners, very responsible and pretty emotional. She is very creative, beloved and sometimes loud when she plays her music in full blast mode in her bedroom. She was born in The Sims 3 as a toddler and reborn in The Sims 4 with aliens as a child when toddlers didn’t exist in The Sims 4 when it released. However, Zofia relates to her parents and she is transformed as a human permanent.. She loves to sing, act and bond with her brother and sister.

Machinima Casts & Voice-Over


The Loave Family are cast in many Machinima music videos in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4.

The Sims 3


The Sims 3 Machinima - Concrete Angel John Loave, Terry Loave, Jake Loave and Jane Loave
The Sims 3 Machinima - I'm Already There John Loave, Terry Loave, Jake Loave and Jane Loave
The Sims 3 Machinima - Everything Has Changed John Loave, Terry Loave, Jake Loave and Jane Loave
The Sims 3 Machinima - From This Moment John Loave, Terry Loave, Jake Loave and Jane Loave
The Sims 3 Machinima - Happy John Loave, Terry Loave, Jake Loave and Jane Loave
The Sims 3 Machinima - I Still Call Australia Home Jake Loave and Jane Loave

The Sims 4


The Sims 4 Machinima - Photograph Terry Loave and Jane Loave
The Sims 4 Machinima - To The Moon & Back Zofia Loave
The Sims 4 Machinima - I Knew I Loved You Zofia Loave
The Sims 4 Machinima - September 11 Terry Loave and Zofia Loave
The Sims 4 Machinima - To Love You More Jane Loave
The Sims 4 Machinima - Perfect Jake Loave


The Family Home Video

In December 2015, Ansett4Sims made the Loave Family speak English with lip sync for their very first time, and Ansett chose three voice-overs from Fiverr in the United States of America and The Philippines. Unfortunately, Ansett4Sims was very low in profit hiring three voice-overs, so Ansett4Sims stopped buying gigs from three talented voice-overs.

In late November 2015, Ansett4Sims first published his video which is called [Sims 4 | Love Is An Open Door - Frozen | Lip sync] and it took only two weeks to get it done on Thanks-Giving.

The Sims Vine


The Sims Vine Logo

The 2nd channel "The Loave Family" was neglected for the past months because there was a problem with the financial and make new storytelling for The Loave Family. RomerJon17 Productions made a plan to make The Sims Vine for The Loave Family 6 to 20 seconds long footage to keep the channel moving and RomerJon17 Productions finally did it. John and Terry used to speak only Simlish language but now they can speak two languages, because Ansett4Sims found two great voice-overs from United States of America.

The Sims Vine was a fan made and entertainment series for The Sims 4 and it’s not affiliated, maintained, authorised, endorsed or sponsored with Vine when it got ceased.

The Sims Vine is out of production due to focusing other activities in The Sims 4.

The Loave family never had a logo until Ansett4Sims opened a channel of The Loave Family publishing Family

The Loave Family Logo

Home Videos and made a first logo of The Loave Family with a slogan Loave of Love.

Also they have a short theme song for The Loave Family which is [Show Me Love - Robyn Carlsson]. The Loave Family is a loving family and they always show their love.


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